Waste the Wife
Mrs dawson 2
Mrs. Dawson leaving the Jewellry shop in Vice Point.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


Mr. Black


A payphone in Vice Point


Mrs. Dawson





Unlocked by:

Road Kill

Cause(s) of mission failure:

Player shoots at Mrs. Dawson's car

Waste the Wife is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Mr. Black from a payphone in Vice Point.


Mr. Black contacts Tommy Vercetti and thanks him for a job that he last did for him and explains to Tommy about his next task. Now one of Mr. Black's employers wants his wife Mrs. Dawson dead for cheating. Tommy then find a car and parks it outside the shop across the street. He sees Mrs. Dawson approaching her yellow Comet and drive away. He chases after her and begins to ram her car. After her car starts on fire, Tommy evacuates and the car explodes.


The target is for the player to waste a women named Mrs. Dawson. The player must wate the women by raming her car until it catchs fire. The player will fail the mission if the player uses their weapons.



The reward for completing Waste the Wife is $2,000. The mission Autocide for Mr. Black is unlocked.


  • The player can also fail the mission if the player fails to evacuate when Mrs. Dawson's car explodes.
  • The Comet that Mrs. Dawson is driving contains locked doors. To obtain it, start the mission and once Mrs. Dawson is moving drive up beside her and shoot at her car (resulting in Mission Failure.) Once this happens she will run away screaming leaving the door open. Once she evacuates the vehicle enter it. Now that your in the car, police and gangs can't pull you out. However, if you exit the vehicle and close the door behind you, you will lock yourself out. If you save the vehicle in one of your garages, the vehicle will lose its special ability and will be unlocked all the time.