Vice point 1

Vice Point at night.

Vice Point is one of Vice City's twelve districts and is the second largest district in the city. It is more middle class and the more residential area of Vice Beach. Vice Point covers more of the remaining areas of northern Vice Beach, and consists of larger apartment buildings and hotels aligned along the beach line as well as medium sized homes and smaller apartment complexs inland. The district also has a dirt track on the beach.

The North Point Mall is located in the northern part of the district and is accessible to the player. It's mostly home to most shoppers in Vice Point. It also happens to be the turf of the Streetwannabes. Within the mall is an Ammu-Nation and a tool shop and restaurants that the player can eat at to restore Tommy's health.

The Malibu Club, a night club can be found on the southern end of the district. A police station can be found further north as well as a hospital and the El Swanko Casa safehouse.