Vice City Police Department
Vcpd officers
Appearances: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
Serving city: Vice City
Main Affiliation: FBI
Vice Squad
French Secret Service
Fort Baxter Military
Vehicles: VCPD Cruiser, VCPD Cheetah, VCPD Wintergreen, Predator, Enforcer
Weapons: Pistol
M16 (mission only)
Uzi (mission only)
Businesses: Law Enforcement
Members: Colin Allcars, T.J. Sucker, Bob, Bruce, Officer Butts, Officer Cracker, The Specialist, P. Rowe

Vice City Police Department (VCPD), is the main law enforcement agency of Vice City. The department made appearances in both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. It is mostly responsible for enforcing the laws in the city.


Police Stations


Seal of the VCPD

The department has four police stations located throughout the city with the department being headquartered in the Washington Beach Police Station, one of the police stations in the city. The other stations are located in Vice Point, Little Havana, and in Downtown.


Vcpd cruiser 2

The VCPD Cruiser is the primary car of the department. This car is from GTA VCS.

The VCPD's car of choice is the 1980's green and white VCPD Cruiser, which can obtained from every police station in the city. The player can steal one if they are not locked which sometimes, the cars will appear to be locked. The car is fast and light, prone to tip over easily if the car hits some sort of ramp. In Vice City Stories, officers can be seen traveling the streets on VCPD Wintergreens, a motorcycle that isn't featured in GTA Vice City.

The department also patrols Vice City's waters in Predators, chasing and shooting at the player if the player enters the waterways with a two-star wanted level. When the player reaches a three-star wanted level, officers on the ground will begin to deploy spike strips and road blocks, trying to stop the player if the player is driving a vehicle. Also around this level, they will call in a helicopter that will start deploying SWAT officers.

Officer Appearance

"Show me some ID." -VCPD Officer

Officer talking to pedestrian

An officer speaking to a pedestrian.

The officers themselves can be seen wearing a dark tan military style shirt, brown pants, and grey shoes. The only weapons that they carry is a nightstick and a pistol. They happen to travel alone in their cruisers, but will also be seen traveling in pairs if the player has a two-star wanted level. They also can be seen walking a foot beat on the streets, talking to pedestrians or chasing down criminals that they encounter. If the player is running on the streets with a wanted level, the nearest police officer on the street will give chase.


"Freeze. Fight!" -Vice Squad Agent

Sway officer

Vice City SWAT officer.

Besides them doing the work, they also house the Vice Squad, undercover officers that will appear in Cheetahs at a three-star wanted level and up. They are headquartered at the Little Havana Police Station, as in the PC version of the game, a Cheetah can be seen spawning there.

The Vice City SWAT team are headquartered in the Downtown Police Station. A Police Maverick can be seen spawning on the roof of the station. A cruiser is also parked on the west side of the building. They will appear chasing the player in Enforcers when the player reaches a four-star wanted level.

Main article: Federal Bureau of Investigation
The FBI is another branch of the VCPD. There headquarters is unknown. It could be possible that they are located in the building where the FBI Washington is found, but this is uncertain. They will begin to chase the player in their FBI Ranchers, FBI Washingtons in GTA VCS, when the player reaches a five-star wanted level. Their ranchers will also replace both the Cruisers and the Enforcers in roadblocks. The agents are seen
Fbi agents

FBI agents in Vice City.

weilding MP5s and are more dangerous on foot than the Army, despite the fact that each FBI Rancher that shows up is seen carrying four agents instead of two.
Main article: Fort Baxter Military

Although the Army isn't considered to be part of the VCPD, they show up in Rhinos and Barracks OLs if the player reaches a six-star wanted level. Even though the army isn't that dangerous on foot, they are dangerous to the player if the player is driving a vehicle, which will explode if it makes contact with a Rhino. The army is headquartered at Fort Baxter Air Base.

VCPD Employees

Name Unit in the Department Years of Service
Colin Allcars Motorcycle Unit 1984
T.J. Sucker Patrol Unit 1984
Bob Bureau of Investigation 1986
Bruce Bureau of Investigation 1986
Officer Butts Vice Unit 1984
Officer Cracker Vice Unit 1984
The Specialist SWAT Team 1984
P. Rowe Chief Security 1986


  • Beta VCPD cruiser 1

    Beta VCPD Cruiser prior to the game's release.

    Before the game's release, the VCPD Cruiser had a white body color, red and blue stripes running along the side. It was to resemble the 1980's Miami Beach Police Department's cars.
  • The police will still attack you if you recieve a wanted star in Vigilante missions.
  • The police will still attack you if you attack or fire a gun at a gang or pedestrian, reguardless if it was in self-defense.
  • Some members of Diaz's Gang can be seen chasing you in VCPD Cheetahs if you have a three-star wanted level. This probably indicates that a small portion of Diaz's Gang are undercover cops.
  • There is a glitch, that makes a cop a "Super" one.