Junkyard 1

The Junkyard in GTA Vice City.

Vice City Junkyard, or also know as the Junkyard, is a landfill located in Vice City's unincorperated district Junkyard. It appeared in both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

The Junkyard is mainly filled with stuff that someone would find in a real-life landfill, but in the game, its mostly filled with car parts, dumpsters, stacked cars, cranes, and unusable auto crushing machines. A Trashmaster (garbage truck) can be found parked within the landfill.

The Junkyard makes a major appearance in the mission Death Row, where Tommy Vercetti has to drive all the way to the Junkyard from the Malibu Club to rescue Lance Vance, who was being held captive in a building by Diaz's men.


A Stubby Shotgun can be found behind the hanger that Lance was held captive in.


  • Vice City's Junkyard is the only junkyard in the Grand Theft Auto series that doesn't have a working auto crusher.
  • The chair that Lance is strapped to in Death Row has blood around it, even before this mission. This probably indicates that someone else, besides Lance, was tortured at the Junkyard.