Trojan voodoo 1

The factory shortly after the explosion in Trojan Voodoo.

This is a walkthrough on the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City mission Trojan Voodoo.

Mission Objectives

In order for the player to complete the mission the player must complete the following things below. The player must:

  1. Take Pepe and find a Voodoo
  2. Meet Pepe's boys after finding the Voodoo
  3. Enter the drug factory with the other gangsters
  4. Plant the bombs in the factory
  5. Evacuate the factory before the timer runs out


Upon entering the mission, a cutscene will start playing. After the cutscene is over, take Pepe and find a Voodoo. After finding a Voodoo, drive to Pepe's boys who can be found north of the pizza shop in Little Haiti, close to Kaufman Cabs. Drive into the halo and a breif cutscene with Pepe talking to his friends will start to play. After follow Pepe's boys and park in the Halo. DON'T exit the car or you will fail the mission. Follow Pepe's boys into the factory and park the car in the halo. Get out and start planting the bombs. There are Haitian gangsters in the building with Tec-9s that will try to stop you so take them out first. After they're all dead, plant the bombs at all four locations and head east, away from the factory. While facing the front gate, which is closed, head right and you see a staircase. Run up the staircase and onto the roof of the building. Once on the roof a cutscene will begin playing, showing the drug factory being destroyed by the bombs. After the cutscene ends, the mission is completed.


The player is rewarded $10,000 for completing the mission.