Tarbrush cafe sign

Tarbrush Café sign

Tarbrush Café is a coffee shop located inside in the southeast corner of the North Point Mall, in Vice Point. The shop is likely to be based off of real-life Starbucks. It is only know to have operated in Vice City for one year before it was destroyed by a bomb. It only appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, the T&A Men is in it's place.


Tarbursh cafe interior 2

Inside the Tarbrush Café. The backroom can clearly be seen in the back.

The café is well decorated with matching decor. There a five tables in the shop each with four chairs. Two couchs can be seen next to the front counter. Posters and signs can be seen on the walls. The café also comes with it's own personal office completed with two chairs, a desk, and many more. A katana is located in the office prior to Cop Land.


Tarbrush cafe destroyed

Tarbrush Café after Cop Land.

The café becomes the target of a bombing plot that was pulled off by Tommy Vercetti and Lance Vance. The plot ended the café's service in Vice City. Its unknown why the café was destroyed.