Vc street criminals

Street criminals in GTA Vice City.

Street Criminals are NPC pedestrian thugs that are involved in various illegal activites such as theft, murder, and picketpocketing pedestrians. Street criminals range from unarmed to armed. They also create a more "complete" environment in a city by simulating typical street crimes.

GTA Vice City

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, there are three different types of street thugs: black pedestrian wearing a black leather jacket, red undershirt, blue jeans, white shoes and black fingerless gloves. The other one dresses like the other pedestrian except he is a white male wearing a black undershirt, brown leather jacket, blue pants, and black shoes. The other street criminal dresses like a pimp. He can be seen wearing a black cowboy hat, red leather jacket, white undershirt, black pants and black shoes. Street criminals in Vice City can be seen mostly hanging around the North Point Mall at night and being chased by the police. They will also carjack any vehicle that they encounter, including the player's. However the player can prevent this if they point a gun at them which the criminal will respond by simply walk away. The player can earn a "Good Citizen Bonus" if they help an officer beat down the criminal that they are chasing. However, if it is a gang member and other fellow gangsters see it, the player may be attacked.