Rub Out
Lance and tommy
Game: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Location: Starfish Island, Vice City
For: Ricardo Diaz
Target: Kill Ricardo Diaz
Reward: $50,000
Vercetti Estate
Unlocks: Love Juice
Unlocked by: Death Row
Cause(s) of mission failure: Death of Tommy Vercetti, Death of Lance Vance

Rub Out is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City protagonist Tommy Vercetti does indepently with Lance Vance outside Diaz's Mansion on Starfish Island.


Since Tommy now discovered that Diaz ambushed the deal at the beginning of the game, captured Lance Vance and stole all of Sonny Forelli's money, its time to take him out. Lance arrives in a Stallion and arms him and Tommy with M4's to use in the rampage. Diaz's discovers the plot from his CCTV cameras and sends some of his men to guard the whole grounds of the mansion. They are killed by Tommy and Lance when the two start storming the mansion's grounds. They eventually reach the lobby of the mansion and come face-to-face with Diaz, who is weilding an MP5. He is eventually shot down and injured by Tommy and Lance. The mission ends with Tommy and Lance shooting Diaz in the face and Tommy claiming the mansion as his own.



The reward for completing Rub Out is $50,000 and the Vercetti Estate becomes one of your safehouses. Also you will unlock your own gang. The missions Shakedown and Love Juice are unlocked.