This is a walkthrough for the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City mission Riot.


Tommy walks into Ken Rosenburg's office and sees him talking with Texas property developer Avery Carrington. Avery tells Tommy about a mini shipping business, Spand Express, that is sitting on some land that Avery wants. The business refuses to give up the land so Avery asks Tommy to topple the bussiness by starting a riot with the workers, distracting the security guards, and destroying their delivery trucks. Tommy goes to Rafael's to change into the Spand Express coveralls outfit and heads to the ordeal. Once arriving, Tommy starts a riot with the workers, kills the guards guarding the trucks, and destroys them.


After watching the cutsceen, find a vehicle and head to Rafael's clothes shop located north from where you start the mission. If you can't find it, look on the rader for a shirt blip. One reaching the shop enter the pink halo. Once wearing the Coveralls, head over to the Spand Express shop in Washington Beach. When you arrive you will see a bunch of Spand Express workers standing around, yelling. Punch four of the workers to get a riot started. Once everyont is fighting, the Patrol Invest Group will open the gate, leading to the vans that you have to destroy. Find a way to destroy the vans and the mission will be complete.