Hotring event

Gameplay of Hotring in GTA Vice City

Hotring is an event that takes place at Hyman Memorial Stadium in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Its an optional side-mission that the player can complete at their desire. Completion of this mission is required for 100% completion.


Once entering the event, the player is put into a Hotring racer and are required to drive around a tight oval track for twelve laps competing against 15 other racers. Only first, second, and third place are considered as winnings. Any place that the player gets below third results in failure of the side-mission.

Other Information

This mission happens to be the most difficult of them all. The player's car has a health bar and running into walls or other drivers will cause the bar to decrease. The competitors in this race are also considerably reckless, triggering other drivers to fishtail or cause massive pileups as a result. However, there is a pit road on the track that will raise the health bar. The player must not only be aggressive, but also be warned about potential hazards ahead. Note that the most potential hazard occures at around turn one at the very beginning of the race so be aware of this.

If you somehow enter the event by accident or just don't feel like doing the event at the moment, there is a pink halo at the start line that will remove you from the event. To exit the event, exit the car and stand in the halo on foot.


The reward for completing Hotring varies. If the player finishes in first, the reward is $5,000. Second, $1,000, and Third, $500. No reward is given to the player if they finish in any place below third.