Hidden package

Hidden Package

Hidden Packages are pickups that are scattered around all the cities in Grand Theft Auto games. The player is offered a reward for finding hidden packages. After collecting a certain number of hidden packages (usually ten) the player is offered a reward. The more hidden packages player collects, the different kinds of rewards the player gets. The player also recieves cash for picking up a hidden package. When the player picks up a hidden package it is added to the stats menu.

Rewards in GTA: Vice City

Below is a list of rewards that the player can recieve for collecting the hidden packages.

Packages Reward
10 Body Armor
20 Chainsaw
30 Colt Python/.357
40 Flamethrower
50 PSG-1/.308 Sniper
60 Minigun
70 Rocket Launcher
80 Sea Sparrow
90 Rhino

Hunter / $100,000 reward

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