Downtown view 2

Downtown Vice City as it appears in GTA Vice City.

Downtown is one of Vice City's eleven districts and the main business sector of the city. The district is bordered by Little Haiti to the south and Prawn Island to the east. The rest of the district is surounded by water.


Downtown Vice City is based off of Downtown Miami, consisting of high and low-rise buildings, a stadium, recording studio, businesses, and much more.

Hyman Memorial Stadium, a stadium located in northwest Vice City, is home to three known events: a demolition derby, a stock car race, and dirt bike stunt shows. The stadium is also home to Vice City's football team, the Vice City Mambas, who are believed to play at the stadium. The team is absent in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

The V-Rock radio station, also known mostly as the recording studio is also located in Downtown, as well as two of the player's safehouses, a pizza shop, jewellry store, an Ammu-Nation, Vice City News, the Greasy Chopper, a police station, as well as a fire station.

In 1984, the district had many changes. The skyscrapers featured neon lighting and the dirt track also changed. The Mendez Building was located in front of Hyman Memorial Stadium, accross the street from the Hyman Condo. The building was demolished in 1986 and replaced with a shorter building. By 1986, a giant GASH blimp circles endlessly around Downtown. Also the Ammu-Nation added a shooting range to its store.


In 1984, the Vice City Bikers had total domination of the district. By 1986, the gang has lost total control of the area, only remaining in and around The Greasy Chopper bar, leaving the rest of the district gang-free.