Cap the Collector
Game: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Location: Print Works, Little Havana, Vice City
For: Earnest Kelly
Target: Sonny's men
Reward: $30,000
Unlocks: Keep Your Friends Close...
Mission failure: Player Death

Cap the Collector is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Earnest Kelly from the Print Works print shop in Little Havana, Vice City.


Sonny Forelli is becoming impatient with Tommy because he is not getting his money. Sonny eventually gets tired of waiting and sends some of his men to Vice City to collect the money from Tommy's businesses, starting with the Print Works first and moving on to Tommy's other businesses. Tommy receives a phone call from Ken Rosenberg and tells him that an incident has recently occurred at Print Works, and insists that Tommy should go and check it out. Tommy heads over there to see what has happened and finds an injured Earnest Kelly being helped off the floor by other workers. Earnest tells Tommy that a group of thugs have came to take "their cut." He also mentions that the thugs said it was Sonny Forelli's money. After hearing this, Tommy becomes enraged and sends himself out to find and kill Sonny's men.


Tommy Vercetti: Ok what's the emergency. WHO?

Earnest Kelly: Tommy... some mob thugs... said they'd come to take their cut... said it was a Mr. Forrello's money... ugh! I feel like crap.

Tommy Vercetti: Forelli? SONNY Forelli?

Earnest Kelly: Yeah that's the guy... I think... they were very insistent.

Tommy Vercetti: Don't you worry pop, I'm not angry with you. Get him to the hospital.

Earnest Kelly: Tommy, rip that guy a new asshole for me.

Tommy Vercetti: I'm gonna rip him two!

(If the player gets out of a vehicle and aims at the Forelli Forelli gang members, one of the following lines may be said)

Forelli Family gang member: It's the Harwood Butcher.

Forelli Family mobster: You're gonna die real soon.

Tommy Vercetti: You tell Sonny, stay away!

Tommy Vercetti: Vice City is mine now, not his!

Mission Requirements

To complete this mission, the player must:

  • find and kill Sonnny Forelli's men, who are taking money from your businesses around the city. If the player gets busted or wasted, then the mission will be failed.


The reward for completing Cap the Collector is $30,000 and the final mission Keep Your Friends Close... is unlocked at the Vercetti Estate.