Candice Shand
Artwork of candy suxxx
GTA VC artwork of Candy Suxxx


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Also known as:

Candy Suxxx




Vice City

Main Affiliation:

Alex Shrub, Steve Scott, Tommy Vercetti, Mercedes Cortez

Voiced by:

Jenna Jameson

Candice Shand, also known by her stage name as Candy Suxxx, is character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing only in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. She is an educator and philanthropist, and a former porn star actress. She was voiced by Jenna Jameson, also a former porn actress and entrepreneur.

Character History

Candy suxxx 1

Candy as she appears in GTA Vice City

Candy Suxxx began to work in Vice City as a porn star before 1984. In 1986, she began working for porn film director Steve Scott. She also worked as a prostitute or escort. She is often seen with congressmen Alex Shrub, to replace his wife Laura. They are first seen together while attending one of Cortez's parties.

She meets Tommy Vercetti after he recruits her, first killing her agent, and then taking her to the film studio's with Mercedes Cortez. Vercetti is later ordered by Steve to follow her to her penthouse to capture some damaging images of Alex Shrub, who is dressed as Martha. She allows Tommy to blackmail Shrub into allowing the city to continue distributing porn films. Candy meets Vercetti again and gets an idea of shining Candy's logo, with a spotlight on the face of a skyscraper.

She continues to work in the porn industry until 1992. Her posters can be seen on billboards in Los Santos and Las Venturas in San Andreas. Her posters can also be seen in Liberty City. At some point between 1998 and 2002, she became an educator and philanthropist.


  • Bite
  • Closer Encounters
  • Vinewood Call Girls
  • That Can't Be Legal
  • Filthy Chicks
  • Reture of the Anaconda
  • Let Me Bounce

Mission Appearances


  • Pictures of Candy appear in some safehouses in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
  • A concept artwork image in Grand Theft Auto IV is similar in appearance to Candy Suxxx.
  • Some fans believe that her becoming an educator and philanthropist may be a sarcastic reference to her pornography actress (being educational and beneficial to others).
  • In a game of video poker in San Andreas, Candy is seen on the queen of hearts.
  • Candy's stage name may imply on two words candy sucks.