Bite poster

Poster of the film

Bite is a pornographic film featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The film was directed by pornographic film director Steve Scott, produced by Tommy Vercetti, and created at the InterGlobal Film Studios in Vice City. The film stars Candy Suxxx as herself, and an unnammed male, who can be seen during the missions. The film is likely based off of Steven Spielburg's film Jaws.


Production started just before Tommy bought the studio. At first, Steve already has two actors for the film, which to Tommy, they can't act. So Tommy goes around Vice City and picks up Candy Suxxx and Mercedes Cortez to act as a replacement the film. Steve then wants the city know of its production, so he has Tommy fly a plane used in some old indie film, and drop the flyers illegally from the plane all over Vice City. Shortly before the file is released, Tommy decides to shine Candy's logo on a skyscraper to act as part of the films release with great fanfare.

Shortly after Tommy kills his boss and Lance Vance, Tommy recieves a call from Steve Scott, telling him that the film was a success and it made Steve a millionaire. He wraps up his call by telling Tommy that he was glad that he had met him.


"Bite" is a French word meaning cock or dick.