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Ammu-Nation is a weaponshop that is featured in the Grand Theft Auto series, and has appeared in every Grand Theft Auto game. The shop sells a lot of different weapons ranging from pistols to grenades. The shop also sells Body Armor. The name Ammu-Nation is a portmanteau of ammunition and nation, meaning that the store is patriotic. The store first opened in 1962, meaning that the store is the longest lasting business in the GTA series.

At the beginning of the game, the store has weak weapons in stock. As the player progresses through the game, more weapons at different Ammu-Nations will be available for purchase.

The stores don't appear in Grand Theft Auto IV, explaining that the mayor banned the selling of the weapons in local stors. Instead, Niko Bellic can by weaponry from underground arms dealers or from the trunk of his friend Little Jacob's car. In Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, the store returns, but only online.

Vice City Stores

Weapons in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City can be bought by standing in the pink marker located inside of the store. However, if the player kills the clerk, the marker will disappear. Note that some of the clerks that work in the Vice City Ammu-Nations weild a weapon preventing the store from being robbed. They will open fire on the player if the player aims or fires a gun in the store.

Ocean Beach Ammu-Nation

Item Name Cost Availability
Pistol $100 Start of game
MAC-10 $300 Start of game
Pump Action Shotgun $500 Mall Shootout
Ruger/Kruger $1000 Guardian Angels
Body Armor $200 Jury Fury

Vice Point Ammu-Nation

Item Name Cost Availability
Pistol $100 Start of game
Grenades $300 Start of game
Uzi 9mm/Uz-I $400 Start of game
Stubby Shotgun $600 The Chase
Sniper Rifle $1500 Phnom Penh '86
Body Armor $200 Jury Fury

Downtown Ammu-Nation